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The newest generation of Pellizzaris have lovingly restored the Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina with great attention to every detail to preserve the characteristic elegance of this fine historic residence. Maria Pellizzari herself welcomes you to her Bed and Breakfast rooms, with a free bottle of Chianti wine for you!

This historic noble house situated in the centre of a tiny Tuscan village has five double guest rooms.

The rooms have been decorated with the family's heirlooms, fine antique furniture and delicate handwoven fabrics, creating a sense of individuality and the warmth of a private home of a bygone era.

The colour scheme of each room reflects a typical hue of the Tuscan landscape and the italian villas around, from the rich yellow of broom bushes to the delicate pale blue of lavender. Each has its own spacious private bathroom.

Many of the rooms command magnificent views of the glorious rolling Tuscan hills with balconies where guests to sit and relax while admiring the slow paced lifestyle of a medieval village, which Tuscany is so famous for.

All of the rooms are located on the first floor of the palazzo, reached by the original 'pietra serena' stone staircase worn with the tread of time.

Each room of our B&B in Tuscany has a story to tell...


Room 1 | Check availability

The first room of the B & b in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is dedicated to my Grandmother Maria, from whom Maria, the current owner, is named after. The green tones of its walls remind us of the wide view of the Tuscan countryside that can be enjoyed from the small balcony. Bathroom with shower, double bed.

Room 2 | Check availability

Room number two of our Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is in memory of Aunt Clara.
This bright and airy room has white and pink walls as well as upholstery. Light, pastel tones decor creates sensations of comfort and relaxation. The feeling coming from this beautiful room is of a delicate, ancient and precious environment. Bathroom with shower, double bed.

Room 3 | Check availability

Room number three of Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is in honor of my mother Giuseppina, called by the nickname of Nuccia. My mother Giuseppina married my father in 1949 and soon settled here at Palazzo Malaspina, the family palace, that would later become a magnificent residence in Tuscany. Bathroom with shower, double/twin bed(s).

Room 4 | Check availability

Room four of the Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is dedicated to my great-aunt Vittoria, sister of my grandmother Maria. This is the room where my aunt used to sing me to sleep with the Song of the Chimney Sweeper, cradling me until I fell asleep with wonderful stories, making my childhood wonderful as a few others. Bathroom with shower, double bed + extrabed.

Room 5 | Check availability

Room number five of the Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is dedicated to Caesar, my father's cousin, who lived here with the women of our family. Bathroom with shower, double/twin bed(s) + sofa bed.