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Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany 'Palazzo Malaspina'

Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany  'Palazzo Malaspina'

Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany Palazzo Malaspina is a historic house located in San Donato in Poggio, a small characteristic medieval town nestled amongst vineyards and olive groves in the heart of the famous Chianti Classico hills, halfway between the cities of Siena and Florence.

This magnificent Italian residence, which dates back to the late Italian Renaissance, offers visitors an elegant and relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the past when the Palazzo belonged to local nobility, the Ticci and Malaspina families.

In mid 1800 great grandfather Agostino Pellizzari purchased the property and the house has been in the family ever since.

The present owner Maria Pellizzari, fourth generation, was born here in the historic villa which is now the tuscany bed and breakfast.

This tiny hill Tuscan walled town remains totally unspoilt, hardly touched by the ravages of time, its characteristic narrow paved streets and alleys adorned with overflowing vases of geraniums and locals who are lived here for generations.

Its history dates back to the Romans who established as one of the fortification to defend the important trade route that led from Florence to Siena. Its strategic position was converted by both the Florentines and Sienese. Situated on the border of the two provinces San Donato in Poggio was frequently the scene of important events, such as the gathering of the Florentine army in 1260, prior to the Battle of Montaperti against the Siena.

The town was destroyed in 1289 by the Ghilbellines of Arezzo and subsequently rebuilt with the buttressed turreted encircling it.

Today you can still admire parts of the surrounding the original town walls. On entering the town one passes through one of the original stone gateways, the Florentine Gate facing north and the Sienese Gate facing south.

Just beyond the walls is "la Pieve" the parish church build in the Tuscan Romanesque style. The interior is graced with a baptismal font in glazed terracotta, the work of Giovanni Della Robbia and a crucifix attributed to Taddeo Gaddi.

Palazzo Malaspina B&B is located in the central town square. Built in the late Renaissance, the building stands on the very spot where the homes and shops of the original fortification once stood. The Palazzo is a living monument to another era, housing inside its walls relics and long-forgotten secrets of the past. Once owned by the noble Ticci and Malaspina families, since the nineteenth century it has belonged to the Pellizzari family.